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October Ecoembes Event

Harvest of 97

Working for a company like Ecoembes, is always a challenge and a pleasure.

Thinking, looking for and giving shape to an act in which their annual awards are integrated with recyclable, ecological and aesthetic materials is something we have loved doing.

Led lights of low consumption, a cocktail with products of kilometer 0, plants with which to make afterwards, or carpet of natural jute, were some of the elements with which we worked and, above all, we enjoyed.

Thanks to the team from Ecoembes for counting on us once again.

Following the steps of the grapes
Welcom to Ecoembes
Presentation on the stage
The strains decorate the walls
Meeting area
Grape clusters next to the table.
Anchovy snacks
Cheese to taste.
Catering with prawns
Following the steps of the grapes
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