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CVNE II Wedding

Breathing romanticism

The S&V wedding was full of excitement and romance. From the arrival at the church of Haro with the bride and groom riding in a horse-drawn carriage, to the details that later involved the celebration.
The cocktail in the garden of CVNE was accompanied by a jazz group, taking advantage of the great day that came out. Then he went to the cellar where the banquet was prepared by Echaurren. And like cherry, the dance under a tent, was enlivened by a DJ and a saxophonist who accompanied some of the issues that were sounding. In addition, many other details were visible, such as the photo booth during the open bar, the dancers who offered to make the girls dance more comfortable ...

An exceptional wedding!

Welcome details
Cocktail area
Stairway access to the CVNE garden
Cocktail in the CVNE garden
Some preparations of the cocktail
Espadrilles for dancing
Indicators of banquet and dance areas
Distribution of guest tables
Chill out area
Welcome details
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