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Wedding in Toledo

In an 11th-century Mozarabic palace

Overlooking the Alcázar of Toledo they gave the yes I want M & B. On a hot June afternoon, the cocktail took place in the Mozarabic-style patio, where guests enjoyed the sunset, the music, and the freshness of their pond.

The dinner, outdoors and with the palace as background, made the atmosphere magical.

The frame chosen for the celebration of the later party was equally spectacular with the Alcázar of Toledo like protagonist.

Menchu and borja wedding
Arrangement of tables with castle in background.
List of guests.
Small cans of caviar.
Courtyard facing the castle.
Terrace of the mozarabic style castle.
Arrangement of the tables for the ceremony.
Arrangement of tables and environment.
Stand with espadrilles for dancing.
Menchu and borja wedding
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